Syed Atif Ali is an innovative and experienced Pakistani screenwriter. He has been part of Pakistan’s TV industry for the past two decades. He has written many experimental TV serials and series which include: Yehi Khuab Yehi Tamnnain, Aitebar, Ahsaas, Kabhi Na Kabhi, Dharkan, Piya Kay Ghar Jana Hai, Khabi Aye Na Judai, Tumharry Baad, Beyttian, Thuri si Dillagi (Kabhi Na Kabhi Season 2), Kabhi Na Hun Hum Juda, Woh, Maghrib ki Issha, Woh Dobara, Shiza and Khan.

Syed Atif Ali is famous for experiemnting with and across different genres of storytelling. He also wrote and directed a horror feature film titled: Pari. He has also directed a TV serial as well as a number of telefilms for Pakistani television channels.