a) To provide Screenwriters with a platform where they can assemble, discuss and resolve the issues that they face in their professional careers
b) To advocate the rights of Screenwriters as working professionals
c) To ensure that Screenwriters are given due respect at their workplace
d) To ensure that Screenwriters get due credit for their creative work
e) To ensure that Screenwriters are paid on time
f) To ensure the payment of Royalties and Residuals to Screenwriters whenever their TV/Digital/Film project is re-telecast, run, uploaded or sold to any local/foreign TV channels, digital platforms (YouTube, etc), or OTT streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Zee 5, etc.
g) To ensure that Screenwriters are not exploited at any level of creative process and rewarded as per contract both in terms of remuneration as well as promotions
h) To protect intellectual copyrights of Screenwriters on their ideas, one-liners and scripts of any duration or for any medium
i) To ensure that Screenwriters’ contracts with TV channels /production houses/digital media outlets are duly vetted by this Association, so that rights and interests of Screenwriters can be safeguarded
j) To ensure that ideas, one-liners and scripts of Screenwriters are protected and safe with producers/organizations/TV channels after submission to their respective content departments
k) To ensure that ideas, one-liners and scripts submitted by Screenwriters to producers/organizations/TV channels are responded within a time limit and approved or rejected in writing
l) To ensure that Screenwriters will automatically be authorized to re-pitch and re-sell their commissioned scripts if their first producer/ production house/organization fails to produce the said script for more than two years of its delivery
m)To ensure that Screenwriters are sincerely paid for the total number of onscreen episodes of their written project
n) To ensure that Screenwriters respect and protect each other’s intellectual properties
o) To provide mechanism and security in case any Screenwriter wants to submit their idea, one-liner or script as a Prior Proof to the Association
p) To liaise with PEMRA for developing an atmosphere of understanding and clarity on issues that stall creative freedom
q) To create awareness and lobby with concerned quarters and personnel for declaring screen entertainment for Film/TV/Digital as a proper industry with incentives
r) To develop an atmosphere of trust and understanding with TV channels/ production houses and develop a synergy for the common growth of entertainment industry in the country
s) To facilitate resolution of issues between Producers/ TV channels and Screenwriters
t) To reduce the tension between any Screenwriter and the respective producer/production house/TV channel on social media platforms by resolving the issue on the Association’s platform u) To ensure that Screenwriters are provided with ample help in banking matters
v) To provide deserving and out-of-work Screenwriters with means and guidance for the sustenance of livelihood in times of financial crisis