With inexplicable grief, the Screenwriters Association of Pakistan (SWAP) mourns the demise of their beloved founding member and Joint Secretary Asma Nabeel who left for her final abode on the 2nd of July 2021 after battling with cancer in Karachi. Proving her mettle as a producer, writer, poet, social worker and activist, Asma leaves behind an unmatched legacy and a resolute vision that SWAP aspires to carry forward and implement for the times to come. Even with a limited body of work, Asma won over the hearts of the fraternity with her bravery, kindness and courage to touch upon sensitive subjects and relevant stories. The void left behind by Asma Nabeel’s demise shall remain unfilled, and she will continue to be remembered not as someone who passed away before time but as a fighter who lived her years to the fullest.

SWAP extends their heartfelt condolences to her loved ones and bereaved family, and commits to remember her contribution to Pakistani culture and society. She will be forever embedded in our hearts and minds in the truest essence, as she said in her own beautiful words:
Aaj ik baat hun
Kal yaad ban jaongi
Par yaad banoon kuch aisi
Jis main kuch baat ho.