(April 30, 2021): A large number of senior and established screenwriters came together in mid-April to address the issues and problems pertaining to the screenwriting community in Pakistan. Therefore, a WhatsApp group was formed by prominent screenwriter, Asma Nabeel, inviting all other screenwriters to join the initiaive.

After thorough consulations within the groupd, the veterans screenwriters formed an Advisory Council to unite all Pakistani screenwriters employed and associated with different production houses and TV channels in the Pakistani entertainment industry, at one platform.

The Advisory Council includes veteran writers such as Zafar Mairaj, Mohammad Ahmed, Beegul and Amna Mufti.

The Advisory Council also decided to form an association of screenwriters by the name of Screenwriters Association of Pakistan (SWAP) and released its Memorandum of Association on April 30, 2021 after much deliberation with all screenwriters of Pakistan within its WhatsApp group.